Hubble 9000 Screen

Hubble 9000 Screen

Roberto Rida (b. 1943) & Simone Crestani (b. 1984)
Italy, 2019

Named for the telescope that allows us glimpses of the galaxy, this screen expands Rida & Crestani’s contemplation of the natural to encompass all existence. The darkness of the universe is inverted by the sublimity of lustrous gold, pierced by pockets of air which allude to the capturing of light in the creation of images. Nine thousand nails hold this work together, reminding us of the minuscule atoms that, in their careful arrangement, are the building blocks for all life. Part of the DUETTO Series.

Height: 66.75” Width: 66” Panel Width: 16.5” Depth: 6”

Code: RC-1

Code : RC-1